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Featured in Forbes

Atur Mehta & Bhavya Gohil, Co-founders @ Square Off were featured on Forbes 30 under 30 Asia under the consumer technology category.

Envisioning and delivering games enabled with technology to give meaningful learning experiences to the future generations, Square Off has spun magic into the everyday lives of people through its smart, A.I. adaptive chess boards. The aim is to revolutionize the boardgaming landscape!



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Vision turns to Reality

An idea conceived as a college project by Square Off’s co-founders that beautifully shaped into five phenomenal products over the last five years, products that garnered overwhelming response on crowdfunding platforms and successfully brought people together even in isolation amidst the pandemic, every step in this journey has been momentous.

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The world of Square Off

An exciting range of smart, interactive, A. I. adaptive and app integrated chessboards offering an unparalleled experience through each game.

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Industry recognition

Innovation Award - CES 2018

Winner - Top Tech - CES 2017

Innovative product - Indiegogo 2018

Everything looks incredibly professional - and gorgeous! The board is really high quality. It's quiet. The pieces move pretty quickly. The materials are excellent. The app is fantastic.

Square Off has advanced chess technology while holding onto the charm and nostalgia of wooden boards.

This magical chessboard is the dream of chess fans everywhere.

Chess hasn't changed in 1500 years, but Square Off offers a unique and simple way for people to continue playing in this ever-connected world.

The board that can think, challenge you and make all the moves on its own. It really has its brain and looks like a scene from Harry Potters movie has came alive.

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