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chess sets chess sets

This board has self-moving pieces


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chess sets


The fastest chessboard on the planet

This next-gen multigaming board has super fast blitz movements & interactive embedded lights.

chess sets

Faster than you can blink

With next-gen robust mechanism with blitz chess, the pieces glide across the board at an accelerated speed.

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chess sets chess sets chess sets chess sets

Spoilt for choice

The SWAP lets you switch between Chess, Connect 4, Halma & Checkers with a single tap of the button, whenever you like. It’s a game changer.

Connect globally with Millions

Connect with anyone from across the table to across the globe

chess sets chess sets

Adapts to your skill set

SWAP’s built-in AI molds to your expertise level, making it the perfect opponent for you to practice with.

And there's much more

to fall in love with!

Interactive embedded lights

Lights that guide you through your moves and warn against errors. You can’t get a better coach!

Live stream chess matches

Watch professional matches right on the board and learn the best moves and strategies of the grandmasters.

Auto Reset chess pieces

The pieces automatically reset to their starting position after every game

Parking Space

A dedicated space on the board to station all the chess pieces during the game.

Play face-to-face on the same board & analyze it later

Video call as you play that game of chess



chess sets chess sets
chess sets chess sets
chess sets chess sets



  • Dimensions

    48.6*38.3*7.9 cms

  • Weight

    6.6lbs / 3kgs

  • Bluetooth

    BLE 4.2

  • No Press

    Magnetic Sensor Detection

  • Play Area

    96 squares of 1.5" each

  • Input Power

    12.6v , 2.5A power adapter

  • Chessboard

  • Chess Pieces 32 + 2(queen)

  • Mobile Stand

  • Adapter (12.6V, 2.5A)

*Excludes Checkers pieces, can be purchased separately at the time of full payment


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General Product & Services Warranty & Returns

1. What is the difference between Swap and the earlier Square Off boards?

The Swap board comes with features like no press, parking space, auto reset, live game streaming, faster than NEO. Swap comes with a more robust robotic arm for faster movements and a new technology for detecting the chess pieces.

2. Are all the Square Off boards compatible with each other?

Yes, all boards are compatible and can play against each other.

3. Why is the cost of this so low compared to the earlier boards, how can we ensure quality?

Most of the components used are made of injection molded plastic which are economical. This makes the board not only economical but also lighter in weight.

1. What games are included with the swap board? Do all the other games' pieces move on their own as well?

Chess, Checkers, Connect 4 and Halma are the games we are introducing on the board. Yes, the pieces move on their own for all the games.

2. Is Swap Capable of playing blitz chess?

Yes, Swap supports Blitz.

3. Is the board spill or water resistant?

The board is not completely water resistant. Should there be any spillage on the surface, make sure to wipe it within few seconds. Letting the water/liquid sit on the surface for a longer time can cause damage.

4. Does Swap allow live game streaming?

Yes, Swap supports live streaming of games on the board.

5. Do we need to plug-in the adapter?

Yes, The adapter has to be plugged in at all times.

1. What's the warranty period?

The Board comes with a minimum 1 year limited warranty.

1. What is the tentative delivery date?

When you place a pre-book for a Swap or Neo Z board, a confirmation goes through to the manufacturing unit & your board gets assured in the next scheduled outgoing batch. However, due to the delays in supply of some electronic components & logistic issues owing to the persisting Covid-19 aftermath, shipments might get delayed. Square Off Team will keep you updated on the delivery of your product







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