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With your personal chess instructor

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Level up your chess game
with every game on this interactive, rollable e-chessboard

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Freedom to learn on this ultra-portable board, wherever you like.

Experience the thrill of playing in a chess tournament on this professionally designed smart chessboard

Say hello to the Square Off App! Connect your smartphone to the board and experience chess like never before!

Whether it's a tough move or a strategy you need, these LEDs will guide you through

The board comes with

an unbelievable chess engine


With an Elo rating of over 3600, this is the most powerful chess engine there ever has been!

Whether for analysis or training, Stockfish 15.1’s advanced algorithms and search techniques make it an indispensable tool for serious chess players.


Discover How to improve your chess skills

ELO 30%

Let’s begin the game

Play solo, against the board’s A.I.

Challenge yourself against 20 difficulty levels and learn from our adaptive AI.

Its dynamic auto mode evaluates each move played to adjust to your skill level.

Play 15 games a week

Compete with the best

Connect with over Millions of players globally on this board via the Square Off community and develop strategies to improve your gameplay.

Play 15 games a week

Face-to-face mode

Play with friends face-to-face on this board. You can record your games and share or analyze them for insights.

Play 2 games a week

Analyze & Improve

Analyze every move of your past games, highlight blunders, strategic moves and plot progress graph against each move through our analysis tool

Play 15 games a week


Pro Championship Hub

Square Off Community

Join our global community & get to interact with like-minded individuals who share your passion for chess. Get access to exclusive content, tips, and strategies to improve your game and stay ahead of the competition. + Lichess

With a single tap, choose anyone from over 50 million chess players on and Lichess and challenge them for a face-off


Participate in the fierce league tournaments & climb up to the finale as you win rewards

Stream games

Pick some great strategies as you live stream professional chess matches right on this interactive chessboard

Custom Positions

You can set up a custom position on this app integrated board and practice best possible moves and variations to beat the board's A.I.

Other Features that enhances the game experience

Chess instructor

Get personalized chess training with every game you play on the intuitive Square Off Pro! Our smart chessboard adapts to your playing style, strengths, and weaknesses, giving you the feedback you need to take your game to the next level.

Video Call As You Play

Video call your friends/family as you challenge them over a game of chess, just like your own live private tournament. Anytime, anywhere

3 Minutes Puzzles

User can setup a custom position on our App/ board and practice best possible moves/ variations to beat our AI


Get friendly hints, warnings against threats with boosters

Upcoming Features…


Viktor is the ultimate virtual chess coach that’ll teach you chess holistically. You’ll learn basics, strategies, analysis. Viktor will also teach you important bits from games played by master games.

Broadcast Games

Now you can broadcast your FaceToFace games with other players. Other players can see these games under streaming section. You can also keep it private to certain or public to all users.

Exclusive offer

Pro at $210$279

Save $69

A minimum of

in their chess skills in

OR return your board


regularly used the post game analysis feature to identify their blunders


played the face-to-face mode to record & share their games


challenged players on the Square Off online community via the board

A board that goes beyond

Seamless Sensing

No press movement, just natural game play


Fast and convenient charging

Long battery duration

Upto 10 hours on a single charge



We launched at the prestigious

Norway Tournament 2021

Presenting the grandmaster Magnus & other chess champions with Pro boards.

Praising Square Off Pro's innovative & unique technology, Grandmaster Magnus' father Henrik Carlsen

Taking up the challenge of the board's AI, Norwegian Grandmaster Aryan Tari

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