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Your chance to upgrade to a smart chessboard

A compact, automated and A.I. enabled chessboard that's backed with immersive technology.

Here's how pre-booking works

Reserve your board worth $279 at just $29

The order window for BATCH 4 closes end of June 2023

Pay the balance amount by end of June 2023 for your board's manufacturing to start

Once ready, your board will be dispatched by Ocean freight in July 2023

NEO Z will be delivered by August 2023

  • Pay full amount by end of June 2023

  • Neo Z delivery by August 2023

  • Reserve this $279 board at just $29

Why NEO Z is the answer

to everything CHESS!

Super Swift moves

The seamlessly imbibed automation of the board lets the pieces glide smoothly across the surface.

Connect globally anytime, anywhere

Challenge anyone from friends to chess enthusiasts online right on the board, from anywhere in the world.



chess sets

It Moves with you

The A.I. of the board quickly adapts to your skillset and coaches you as you play its many difficulty levels.





  • Dimensions

    14.72" x 14.72" x 3.14"

  • Weight

    5.5lbs / 2.5kgs

  • Bluetooth

    BLE 4.2

  • Play Area

    64 squares of 1.5" each

  • Input Power

    12.6v , 2.5A power adapter

  • Chessboard

  • Chess Pieces 32 + 2(queen)

  • Mobile Stand

  • Adapter (12.6V, 2.5A)

Happy to assist

General Warranty & Returns

1. Do we need a smartphone to play on the Neo Z board ?

Yes, you will need to install & connect our Squareoff app to play on the board. The app will give you various modes to play chess and will help you connect with others for a quick game of chess.

2. What is the difference between Neo Z and the earlier Square Off boards?

Neo Z is lighter, compact and portable

3. What is in the box?

Neo Z has the following things inside the box - Neo Z board, chess pieces, power adaptor, quick start guide and phone stand

4. Are all the Square Off boards compatible with each other?

Yes, all boards are compatible and can play against each other. However newer gameplays may or may not be supported for older boards

5. Why is the cost of this so low compared to the earlier boards, how can we ensure quality

Most of the components used are made of injection molded plastic which are economical. This makes the board not only economical but also lighter in weight.

6. Do the neo z and swap work together?

Yes. As long as you play chess.

1. What's the warranty period?

All boards come with a minimum 1 year limited warranty

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