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Discover greater possibilities

Connect & Begin

Connect your board to the app via Bluetooth; play anyone online, stream games & do lots more!

Play Against the AI

Compete against the various built-in difficulty levels and enhance your chess skills.

Analyze your Past Games

Go through your past moves, learn from your mistakes & prepare better for the next game.

Challenge players on Lichess and

Play against millions of players on the world's best chess internet servers via your Square Off App


Collect diamonds, coins and real time rewards after every successful win

Video Call As You Play

Challenge your friends/family over a video call and host your own private tournament. Anytime, anywhere.


Test your chess prowess against the fierce tournament series, win rewards & emerge a CHAMPION as you ace it.


What our users have to say

Robert Eric Draven

I just love the different skill levels you can play, whether against AI or live competition.

Mike Childs

I play Square Off chess with my son who lives 12 hours away from me. We intend to have a weekly chess game. We can video chat in the app.

Thomas Dixon

Now that the integration with is really user friendly, I believe I simply found my definitive chess-board.

Francesco Bombarda

Used my Square Off almost daily for 6 months and everything is simply perfect. The app is getting better day after day thanks to the constant upgrades.






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