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A Chess Set to play with the world

Through Square Off’s globally connected gameplay, challenge anyone, anywhere from across the world- their moves on your board! Choose from over 30Mn players on and lichess to play with.

Play against the board

Square Off Chess Board’s built-in Artificial Intelligence ensures you always have someone to play with. Choose from 20 different levels of difficulty.

Crafted with finesse

A premium handcrafted chessboard with rosewood finish and intricately carved wooden chess pieces. Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, the classic Grand Kingdom Set chess is the perfect gift for your loved ones

From 6 to 60, Chess is for everyone

Learn chess the fun way this holiday. Known to improve memory and problem-solving abilities, chess enhances your child’s mental dexterity and helps the elderly fight the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, making it an ideal activity for all ages.

Improve your game

Revisit your played matches, analyze your moves and improve your chess skills. With Square Off, there’s a lot more to chess.

Ivory Chess Set

Ivory Chess Set

Ivory chess pieces have been sought by many chess enthusiasts in the past. They are not legally sold today and are banned.

The sight of a chess board made of ivory, adorned with elegantly crafted chessmen has been a sight to behold. Ivory is a fragile and expensive commodity. This combined with illegal activities like poaching has driven many animals to the point of extinction.

Your passion for chess need not be at the cost of another being's life. Thankfully Square Off has boards which are bound to satiate the chess aficionado in you.

Chess Boards That are Almost Alive

Magical! That’s the word for the chess boards from Square Off. You could opt for an exquisitely handcrafted one (not made of ivory) or choose a board made for the champions, the chess player in you would be astounded by the masterpiece on which you’d be playing.

They might cost you, but not as much as a life. Get yours today!

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chess sets

“An epic board. Special appreciation for the LED lights on it.”
-GM Anish Giri

Anish Giri


chess sets

“A smart A.I. board that can coach you & play against you”
-GM Anna Rudolf

Anna Rudolf



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Choose from over 50 Mn. players globally via the Square Off app


Analyse your past moves & build on your strategies

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Play under the same roof with your opponent, record your games, share and analyse them later.

Stockfish 14

Play against the most powerful chess engine


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