Its best feature

Keeps you surprised!

chess online

Play with someone, across borders

Connect with friends or family over a game of chess, no matter how far away they are.
Or start a game with anyone from 21 million+ chess lovers community.

how to play chess

Play against the board itself

No opponent? No problem. Challenge the AI. Choose from 20 complexity levels.
Chess coaching couldn't have been easier. Isn't it?

The board loves the app

When they get together it's a big fat chess party

24 million+ online chess players

Get connected to the chess lovers across multiple chess apps.

Plan a game date

Fix a common time, meet on your own boards. Have fun playing.

Get better at your game

Analyse every move, by saving your game. The easiest way to train.

Beat the AI

20 difficulty levels of AI. Suitable for beginners and grandmasters.

More love per square