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Introducing Square Off

Ace your chess skills
with every game you play on the world's first rollable e-chessboard

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Roll out like a champion

Why not take the game outdoors? Carry this ultra- portable chessboard wherever you go, roll it out & just play!

Play with intricately designed chess pieces on this tournament-size board for the best professional experience there is.

Say hello to the Square Off App! One tap on your smartphone is all it takes to unlock a bunch of possibilities.

Make your game come alive with interactive LED lights & gameplay sensors that guide your every move.

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Let’s begin the game

Play solo, against the AI

Learn from the Adaptive AI & challenge yourself against the 20 difficulty levels.

Compete with the best

Connect with over 50 Million players around the world via

Face-to-face mode

You can play with your opponent under the same roof, record your games, share and analyse it later.


Video call as you play

Make your chess match more interactive with your opponent as you challenge them


Analyse your past moves & build on your strategies


Participate in the fierce league tournaments & climb up to the finale as you win rewards

There’s so much to the app & more!

There’s so much to the app & more!

Play against the most powerful chess engine- Stockfish 14

Play custom positions with the AI

Get friendly hints, warnings against threats with boosters

Exclusive offer

Pro at $279

A board that goes beyond

Seamless Sensing

No press movement, just natural game play


Fast and convenient charging

Long battery duration

Upto 10 hours on a single charge

Hear from the Grandmasters

chess sets

“An epic board. Special appreciation for the LED lights on it.”
-GM Anish Giri

Anish Giri


chess sets

“A smart A.I. board that can coach you & play against you”
-GM Anna Rudolf

Anna Rudolf




We launched at the prestigious

Norway Tournament 2021

Presenting the grandmaster Magnus & other chess champions with Pro boards.

Praising Square Off Pro's innovative & unique technology, Grandmaster Magnus' father Henrik Carlsen

Taking up the challenge of the board's AI, Norwegian Grandmaster Aryan Tari

Trusted by the World

Community love

I purchased the SquareOff Pro to play chess online without staring at a screen and boy it's a wonderful tournament sized electronic chessboard.

- Charlie Gonzalez

An affordable roll up smart board that chess players can use to play & automatically record their games, whether across the board or online. The chess pieces are excellent. The LED lights make piece movement much easier, faster, and intuitive.

- Jovonne S. Smythe

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