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Surprise your loved one's with the only gift that you can't go wrong with. The gift card will be sent via email only.

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Everything on the card

Any board

  • Grand Kingdom Set
  • SWAP
  • PRO
  • NEO

Any accessory

  • Protective sleeve
  • Chess piece set
  • Chess pieces box
  • Adapter
  • Clyde protection
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Terms and conditions

1. This Gift Card can be used for multiple transactions to purchase anything on the Square Off website, with the redeemed balance getting deducted from the total value. The balance can be checked on the gift card page.

2. This card is non refundable but can be used by anyone who has its unique code.

3. The card has a validity of 1 year from the date of purchase

4. This card can be redeemed in the same currency it is purchased in. For instance, if it is purchased in dollars, then it can only be redeemed in dollars only.

5. This card is redeemable on any offer valid/mentioned on the Square Off website.

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