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Best Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

By November 16, 2022No Comments

Looking for Thanksgiving gifts? Discover the latest and the best Thanksgiving gift ideas that are innovative and show that you care.

Thanksgiving Day happens to be around the corner, and it is high time you start thinking about Thanksgiving gift ideas! This year, make it a point to surprise the ones who mean the most to you by thinking out of the box and purchasing some quirky items for them.

Whether it is Thanksgiving gift ideas for friends, Thanksgiving gift ideas for coworkers, Thanksgiving gift ideas for neighbors, or Thanksgiving gift ideas for clients, you will find perfect Thanksgiving gifts on the SquareOff website!

Are Gifts Given at Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day has its origins in the United States of America. It is believed that the custom of exchanging gifts began during the earliest years of European migration to the continent. During that time, the land’s original inhabitants, the so-called ‘Native Americans’, handed over precious gifts to Europeans as a token of friendship. The European settlers, too, reciprocated the kind act by handing over various items to the Native Americans. This is widely accepted as the point of origin of the special celebration day known as ‘Thanksgiving’.

Although Thanksgiving does not typically represent a day when one needs to shower gifts on other people, it is slowly becoming a tradition to usher in some extra happiness by bringing that element of surprise to the occasion by giving someone a nice something.

For example, you can get personalized Thanksgiving gifts for your close friends and family members on Thanksgiving Day. This would undoubtedly be a ‘cherry on the top moment for them. Before getting that perfect Thanksgiving gift for your family, just remember to browse the SquareOff website to find the ideal automated chess board that would bring a lot of joy to the family.

Reasons to Give Thanksgiving Gifts

Apart from bringing that element of surprise, Thanksgiving gifts will also ensure that you show appreciation and genuine affection for the people who contribute so much to your life. Be it your spouse or your parents, getting them personalized Thanksgiving gifts will not only bring that unique smile to their faces but also send the message that you care for them deeply and genuinely.

The last couple of years have been challenging for families, irrespective of country and region. This is due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions. Considering everyone around us is still trying to overcome setbacks brought forth by the virus, it has become even more critical to spread joy and happiness on beautiful occasions such as Thanksgiving Day.

Now let us look at some of the Thanksgiving gift ideas you can ponder before taking the decisive step this fall.

1. The SquareOff Grand Kingdom Set

A bestseller from the house of SquareOff, the Grand Kingdom Set, or GKS in short, is the best in its category in luxury chess sets in the market today. Made from the finest wood, this AI-powered automated thing of beauty will attract the attention of all and sundry.

The Grand Kingdom Set comes with superior-quality chess pieces that are carved out aesthetically to give you the best playing experience of a lifetime. The GKS is controlled by adaptive AI, which adjusts automatically to a player’s level of expertise. So, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of chess can play a game on this majestic-looking chess board without worrying about being outplayed. When playing against the GKS, anyone, and everyone will get a solid chess-playing experience.

The GKS uses rosewood as the base material, which gives it a brilliant natural lustre and shine. So, when it comes to Thanksgiving gift ideas, the GKS should be on top of your chart this holiday season.

2. The SquareOff Pro

No ‘Thanksgiving gift ideas’ list will be complete without talking about the revolutionary SquareOff Pro – the world’s first rollable e-chessboard. This ultra-portable chessboard can be rolled and taken anywhere one wants, be it on the beach, on a mountainside cottage, or at a regular cafe!

With the SquareOff Pro, you will get your hands on a tournament-size elite-playing chess board at an attractive price. The chess pieces that come with this chessboard are all immaculately designed to give every player a supreme playing experience.

The SquareOff Pro comes alive entirely when connected to the SquareOff App, available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Once you have downloaded the app, simply connect it to the Pro chessboard via Bluetooth comms and then proceed on to compete against anyone from a pool of over 30 million chess players courtesy of

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The Pro chessboard is built with integrated LED lights and gameplay sensors that elevate the playing experience to a new level. With the board functioning for over 10 hours on a single full charge, you will be able to indulge in superior gameplay for an extended period of time.

The popularity of this brilliant automated chessboard has made even the best chess masters of the world turn their heads around and comment on its wonders. For example, Dutch Grandmaster (GM) Anish Giri has recently said that he is particularly impressed by the LED lights on the chessboard and considers the product “epic”.

Similarly, GM Anna Rudolf of Hungary has vouched for the SquareOff Pro and said that with the SquareOffPro, one can get coaching tips while developing chess skills simultaneously.

The affordable rollable Pro can be used to play and record chess matches. Be it matches played across the board with actual humans or online games against anyone from a distant part of the world, the SquareOff Pro provides competitors with a fantastic playing experience. This is reason enough for the Pro to be one of your top Thanksgiving gift ideas this year!

3. The SquareOff SWAP

Have you ever imagined playing chess on an automated chessboard that enables pieces to move at lightning speed? Nothing is impossible with SquareOff chessboards! To help you with your Thanksgiving gift ideas, we present to you another of our flagship products – the SquareOff’ SWAP’, that will definitely ramp up the chess-playing experience of everyone in the group.

The SWAP chessboard comes with next-gen mechanics, making it the perfect partner for the faster game versions, such as blitz, bullet, and rapid chess. You will be amazed to see how fast the chess pieces glide across the chessboard once you begin to play on a SWAP chessboard.

With the SquareOff SWAP at your side, you can switch between chess, Connect 4, Halma, and checkers at the tap of a button! It sure is a spectacular piece of invention! Adding features such as the pieces returning to their original positions after the end of every game and a dedicated parking space for captured pieces on the chessboard makes SWAP a one-of-a-kind mechanical wonder!

4. The SquareOff Neo Z

If you are tussling with Thanksgiving gift ideas, then it is time to upgrade your overall chess-playing experience once and for all! Get on the SquareOff bandwagon this holiday season, and treat yourself and your loved ones with a fully compact, automated chessboard that oozes class and style.

The AI-enabled SquareOff NEO Z is loaded with immersive technology to provide users with the best the automated chess industry has to offer. Being lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around, it will be easy for anyone to take it around while on the move.

Light Up This Year’s Thanksgiving Day with SquareOff

To transform this year’s Thanksgiving Day into the best and most memorable one yet, get your hands on any of the four SquareOff automated chessboards discussed in this article. The AI-powered automated SquareOff chessboards will ensure that your holidays are spent with that extra dose of joy and mirth!
So, visit the SquareOff website today, and start going through the specifications of all our products on display.

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