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It is the season, and Christmas is about to knock on our doors! Now is the time you begin contemplating the best Christmas gift ideas. In your mission to jot down unique gift ideas for Christmas, let Square Off help you with our pick of the unique Christmas gift guide 2022.

So, go ahead and make this year’s Christmas the biggest and the liveliest in a long time!

You do not need to look far away for the ‘most popular Christmas gifts 2022’. For unique Christmas gifts, join the Square Off bandwagon and rejoice at the prospect of finding ‘trendy gifts 2022’ on our user-friendly website.

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Are Gifts Given on Christmas Day?

Christmas has been around for a very long time. It falls on the 25th of December every year, and is celebrated in almost every part of the globe. Being an international holiday, Christmas has a charm and an appeal that is hard to beat.

The custom of exchanging gifts on Christmas Day is a very old one. It is an occasion for everyone in the family to come together under one roof and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The big day is spent by feasting, singing, and all forms of merrymaking. It is all about taking time off from the daily hustle and bustle and simply enjoying the company of one’s near and dear ones.

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas Day and make it memorable is by giving gifts to all the special people in your life. To make this happen, you can choose the best Christmas ideas on the Square Off website. Make no mistake, your personalised Christmas gift times are just one click away!

Reasons to Give Christmas Gifts

Christmas arrives at the very end of every year when the air smells of the festive spirit. The 25th of December, being only a week away from New Year’s Day, the whole countdown to a brand new year starts from Christmas.

So, amid much frolic and fanfare, people take time off their busy schedules and give gifts to show appreciation to those who matter the most to them. It could be one’s parents or partners; getting them unique gifts truly sets the tone for the festivities.

Now let us look at some of the best Christmas gift ideas that you can think about before taking the final call. We are confident these brilliant gift ideas will give you enough to fall back on when the opportune moment arrives.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

The Square Off Pro

We start off with our ‘best Christmas gift ideas’ list with the top-of-the-industry Square Off Pro. This happens to be the world’s first rollable-chess board. The Square Off Pro can easily be rolled up and taken to any place you see fit to hold a chess contest. To get the best out of this great chess board, simply connect it to the Square Off app, available on both Google Play and Apple Store. 

With the Square Off Pro at your corner, playing chess will never be the same again. This elite tournament-size chess board comes with exquisitely designed chess pieces that make the whole set look spectacular. You will also find integrated LED lights on this board.

Plus, the presence of the gameplay sensors will enhance your experience of playing on this device to a whole new level. A single charge of the battery enables the Pro to run for more than 10 hours. You also do not have to worry much about the price of these technological marvels, as they come at affordable prices.

Do not forget to check out the fantastic offers we have in store for you on the Square Off portal. 

The Square Off SWAP

Chess circles have recently seen the increasing popularity of ‘speed chess’. With a view to enabling chess enthusiasts to play this new brand of chess from the comfort of their homes, Square Off has brought forth the SWAP series of sleek automated chess boards. These have been designed specifically for fast-paced chess variants, such as bullet, rapid, and blitz.

When you play a game of chess on the Square Off SWAP, you will find it hard to stop being bewildered at the sheer awesomeness of the chess board. Fitted with next-gen mechanics, the SWAP chess boards are built for the swift movement of chess pieces.

These chess boards, functioning on cutting-edge technology, also have a dedicated chess pieces parking space. And once you are done with a game, all the pieces go back to their original positions by themselves!

The Square Off Grand Kingdom Set

The third entrant in our ‘best christmas gift ideas’ list is the riveting Grand Kingdom Set chess board from the house of Square Off. These plush chess-playing boards are indeed a work of art. The Grand Kingdom Set, or GKS, is the clear frontrunner in luxury chess boards. These are made from the choicest rosewood and have a touch of royalty.

Crafted to give you a memorable chess-playing experience, the GKS is controlled by adaptive AI. This means that if you are competing against the board, it will adjust itself to your level of expertise.

A constant best-seller, the GKS is suited for anyone with basic chess knowledge. So, for an occasion like Christmas, when you will have people from all walks of life and ages around you, the GKS will be the perfect friend for multiple chess contests. 

The Square Off Neo Z

Finally, the last entrant in our compilation of the best Christmas gift ideas is the Square Off Neo Z. This compact chess board has everything a top-rated automated board should possess. You can treat the persons to whom you want to give something with this fantastic piece of human endeavor.

The Neo Z has been built on immersive technology to provide users with the best-in-class chess-playing experience. What works best for this particular model is that it is compact, lightweight, and effortless to walk around with. Considering that this Christmas Day, there will be a strong possibility that you plan to go somewhere with all your loved ones, simply putting the Neo Z inside your backpack seems like a great idea.

So picture yourself playing your favourite game and spending glorious hours battling it out with your friends and family.  

Light Up This Year’s Christmas Day with SquareOff

Now that we have come to the end of our top picks for ‘best Christmas gift ideas 2022’, it is time for you to sit back and ponder over your choices.

To make this year’s Christmas Day one of the best you have ever had, simply choose one of the four SquareOff AI-powered chessboards we have discussed in detail in this article. Go for the best automated chess board industry has to offer, and watch your close ones relish the sheer gorgeousness of these top-graded chess boards.

Surprise all this Christmas Day by choosing to give the premium set of chess boards manufactured by your trusted gift partner, Square Off.

So, brace yourself for this year’s gala day and visit the SquareOff website for scintillating offers!