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Chess is a very popular and loved game worldwide but here are reasons why 83% of the households own a chessboard

Having a chess set is a respectable affair. Anywhere you go, a house with a chess set is understood to be occupied by more intelligent, knowledgeable, and classy folks.

Chess is arguably the most popular board game on the planet today, and it has a global reach that is hard for any other game in its category to reach. The rules and regulations of the game are relatively straightforward, making chess well-liked by people of all age groups.

Having its origins in the country of India, chess has evolved over at least one and a half millennia to morph into the shape we witness today. Very little to do with luck, like we get to see in board games such as monopoly and ludo, chess depends wholly on the player’s skills and competence.

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Millions of internet users indulge in chess online daily, and these factors combine to make chess one of the top board games worldwide. What makes chess so versatile is the compatibility it shares with players of varying capabilities.

In other words, children as young as three or four can learn to play the game relatively quickly. In fact, many chess competitions are organized targeting only kids. Chess can also be a highly entertaining and nerve-wracking game.

Whether elite-level games featuring all-time greats like Bobby Fischer or Garry Kasparov or the national or junior-level tournaments, any match played with a chess set with vigor and style can reach heightened excitement levels.

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If you notice a live chess game, the player’s faces would be ripe with nervousness, focus, and a tinge of happiness, all mixed together to give a unique look. However, two chess players competing against each other can go through all these emotions just for fun and not simply to win and prove a point.

Reasons Why 83% Of Households Own A Chessboard

Ease of Procurement

A chess set is one of those things that are readily available in the market. Most shops dealing with toys, sports items, and allied objects will have a chess set at their disposal. A chess set takes very little space to be arranged on a surface. 

Apart from the board and the black and white chess pieces, nothing else is required to start the game. At times, however, one may have a dedicated chess set mat to go along with it.

But, apart from these, you do not need anything else to play chess. The portability factor of chess is one of the chief causes behind its popularity. 

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Covid-19 Lockdown

One of the best things that have happened in the last few years in favour of chess is the Covid-19 pandemic. With people everywhere asked to stay indoors for a long time, no wonder many turned their attention toward chess.

What came as a shock to millions, including professional chess players, soon morphed into a new sensation in the form of online chess. As more and more chess enthusiasts entered the zone of the 64 squares, sales of chess boards also shot up tremendously.

The latter half of 2020 saw the surge in sales of chess boards skyrocket towards exponential levels.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and its Effect on Chess

As if destined to arrive at the right place and the right time, the explosively hit Netflix drama show ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ was released worldwide in November 2020, during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis.

This was a win-win situation for chess and the Netflix blockbuster show. As a staggering number of people were locked inside their homes when the show hit the screens, it raised the already-surging popularity of the game to never-before-seen levels.

There was no looking back after that for chess. Several online surveys have taken place in late 2020 and early 2021, which have pointed toward the increase in the sale of chess boards across the planet.

The worldwide percentage of households having a chess set rose enormously during this time. It is no wonder chess observers have credited ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ with bringing a whole new generation closer to the chequered board.

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Ease of Understanding the Game

Perhaps the most crucial feature of chess is the ease with which a person can learn to play the game. Almost anyone can become a decent chess player with some essential tips.

Therein lies the beauty of chess. It is no wonder then that, like the title of this article suggests, you will find that 83% of households worldwide own a chessboard. This makes chess a game that possesses the power to bridge cultural, cultural, as well as social divides among people of all ages.

Just imagining that wherever you travel, you will most likely see people engaged in chess games makes for the most excellent thought. 

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