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Looking for Christmas game ideas? We believe that games make the best gifts because they offer a powerful benefit that many people overlook: games bring people together. 

We know that Christmas this year probably isn’t going to look the same as it has in the past. But instead of letting that bring you down, look at it as an opportunity to get creative and build new traditions. Bringing games like chess into the mix (especially the Square Off chess board, which allows you to play against family members located all over the globe) is a fun activity that can add a lot to your holiday experience both now and when we’re all back in the same place. 

Christmas is full of magic whether you’re celebrating with relatives in person or virtually. And to prove it, we’ve put together a few different ways that you can use games this year for a fun, safe, and memorable holiday. 

Chess Board Games for Christmas 

The best board games for Christmas are ones that encourage togetherness—with a little bit of friendly competition too, of course. And chess fits that bill perfectly. 

Many families play chess together, and in fact, it’s often a tradition that’s taught and passed down from older generations to younger ones. But, even if you and your family haven’t been playing chess for years, there is still a lot of reason to make 2020 the year to start. 

Our smart chess board is just the thing for bringing your family together with games this Christmas. This totally unique board features self-moving pieces and virtual connectivity, meaning that you can play against family members even if they’re not in the same house, town, state, or country. Because you can play chess with others all over the world, the distance won’t feel so distant and you’ll get the joys of togetherness even while social distancing. 

Additional features of our smart chess board include self-play capabilities, which is an excellent option for kids and adults alike. 

Want Even More Game Options? Try SWAP! 

We’ve taken all-in-one board games to the next level with SWAP, a multi-board game set that offers the same connectivity and self-moving pieces as our smart chess board but with even more game options to choose from. 

Challenge your family members to a game night this Christmas, and select from a variety of games right on the SWAP board—including checkers, halma, draught, and connect four. While it may look and feel like magic, SWAP uses built-in AI technology to allow you to play a ton of different games with your loved ones over the holidays and is lighter and more compact and portable than our traditional smart chess board.

You don’t need to feel alone this Christmas. Square Off game boards provide an innovative way to keep traditions and connections alive, and can also be enjoyed in person when life goes back to normal. We promise: our board game gifts are ones that your family members will never forget, and because they’re fun for the gift giver too, they really are the gifts that keep on giving! 

‘Tis the season for family and fun. Celebrate this Christmas with games that bring everyone together and that offer up new and exciting ways to have fun with loved ones. Browse our online shop to see our complete line of games and check out our blog for tips, tricks, and advice on acing your chess game this season. Who knows, with solo play options available on all of our sets, you may just become a chess pro by the next time the holiday season rolls around.