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Let’s begin with the number of pieces in chess. There are sixteen of them on each side. The eight forward chess pieces on either side are called the pawns. There is a king, a queen and two rooks, knights and bishops.

How to Setup the Board?

Here are the series of steps you would need to follow:

  1. Ensure that the white coloured square is always towards your right side.
  2. Place all your pawns on the second row. This would help to clear the pile of pieces next to the board and make it easier for the rest of the pieces to be placed.
  3. Rooks need to be set in the corners, just as the towers in any castle.
  4. The knights need to be placed right next to the rooks.
  5. The bishops will take their place adjacent to the knights, separating them from the king and queen.
  6. The queen goes next and the easy way to remember that is the colour of the piece will correspond to the one on the board.
  7. The last and the most important square remaining will be occupied by the king.

Therein is the easy way how to set up your chessboard. One last thing to remember is that white always moves first.