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Chess is an awesome game! 

There’s the conventional method of playing chess, and then there is the smart way of playing it. With Square Off, you have the best of both worlds. The spirit of this old game comes alive when you play on our app integrated, AI-powered chess analysis boards.

Let’s delve in and see how an AI-powered chessboard will be able to help you analyse your game better.

Electronic Chess Boards and AI

Who knew that one day a chess board would be able to make its own move? Artificial Intelligence is a revolution in itself with the numerous feats of accomplishments that it has been able to achieve. 

The top of the line electronic chess boards from Square Off with adaptive AI and integrated with automated movements have features that allow you to actually track your progress in real-time and improve your chess skills at a faster pace. Be it playing against an opponent, the board’s inbuilt AI, or on your own. 

With our unique chess boards, you could make your game come alive with interactive LED lights and sensors that will guide your every move. 

How does Artificial Intelligence Analyse Chess Games

Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed for human play utilise many different kinds of principles. While it is understandably complex to discuss what each engine uses for its functionality and working,  a few popular engines like Alpha zero make use of neural networks, deep learning, and neural net-like automation.

Leela Chess Zero utilises an open-source implementation of AlphaZero, which learns chess through self-play games and deep reinforcement learning.

Chess engines powered by AI have consistently gotten the better of humans since 2005. The chess world has undergone further shifts since then, such as the introduction of the heuristics-based Stockfish engine in 2008 and the deep reinforcement learning-based AlphaZero engine in 2017. 

The impact of this evolution has been tremendous! Chess is now seeing record numbers of people playing the game even as AI itself continues to get better at playing. Formidable AI chess-playing ability combined with a large, growing human interest in the game has resulted in a wide variety of playing styles and player skill levels.

You could download the Square Off app to unlock a plethora of options to choose from.

The app will let you connect with the ever-increasing online community of Square Off and also lets you make video calls and chat, while simultaneously indulging in your game of chess.

The Importance of Analysing Your Chess Game

The benefits of analysing your chess game are many. You cannot underestimate its importance if you want to keep getting better.

  • It would help you identify the areas of improvement, even in the face of victory.
  • You get to see tactical and strategic patterns which help you identify potential pitfalls.
  • It would help build on your strengths.
  • Helps to analyse the moves made by your opponent.
  • It helps your intellectual growth.

Why Square Off?

Now we know why analysing your chess game is important and that is where Square Off helps you to own your game. 

chess analysis app screen

Here is what the smart boards from Square Off do during game analysis:

  1. Every MOVE from the game is sent to the AI engine for evaluation
  2. The AI engine then returns the best MOVE and a score against the MOVE is analysed.
  3. Finally, internal logic is used to get the final number for plotting the graph

Smart-boards from Square Off are equipped with interactive LED lights and gameplay sensors that will guide every move of yours. You also have access to the Square Off app and with a single tap, you could connect with their online community via video calls and chat, all this over a game of chess.

Concluding Remarks

Square Off provides you with automated chess boards, powered with the latest in AI technology, which would give you a surreal experience. It would help you analyse your game in a better fashion and in the process help you become a master of the game.

If chess is what’s on your mind, you should take a pick from our range of smart boards, bound to excite and bring out the pro in you.

Choose from:

  1. The Grand Kingdom Set– A premium Handcrafted Edition.
  2. The Square Off Pro– Easily rollable and portable. 
Grand kingdom chess set

AI is now an integral part of the game of chess. If you are looking to enhance and upgrade the level of your gameplay, you should definitely opt for electronic chess boards from Square Off which would help you to be always at the top of your game.