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If chess has been your sport of interest, then whether as a hobby or to ace it, you’d always want to improve your moves. And the best way to do that is to analyse your own games. You can determine the reasons behind your mistakes and recheck your tactical skills. It will improve your overall understanding of the game.

Let us elaborate why it is a good practice to analyse your games.

  • Renowned chess grandmasters have vouched for the need to analyse one’s moves as one of the most crucial ways of chess training for players for all levels. To gain maximally, one should analyse each and every move and learn from it.
  • This practice conditions you to categorize your mistakes. This will make you stay cautious of the mistakes that were typical for you in the past games.
  • It helps you formulate good chess plans for the future.
  • As you analyse and retrospect, you look at the same position with an open mind and come up with new ideas to have played it better. This not only sharpens your strategic thinking, it also stimulates your understanding of the game positions.
  • It lets you study the strategy and tactics of all the phases of the game- the opening, the middlegame and the endgame.
  • Assess the quality of the plan chosen during the game.
  • It helps you establish the critical point of the game

How to Analyse Your Game

Now that we have established the importance to analyse your game, let us go through some ways  to achieve it.

Identify the Key Moments of the game

Some of the essential moments of the game are- the changes in the pawn structure, critical weakness surfacing, your opponent’s first attack and so on.

Opening Move

Trace back your opening move and figure how comfortable you were in a certain line and if you feel that you should have made the move any differently.

Document everything

Jot down all the moves or variations that crossed your mind during the course of the game and why you didn’t go ahead with them. You might figure that that move would have turned out better.

Conclusive Evaluation

List down all your observations on your decisions, your opponent’s game, your opening move etc. write down the reasons you had in mind for each move you made.

Analyse your game with just one click
If you are still confused as to how to analyse your game, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Square Off has rolled out a ‘Post Game Analysis’ feature that will help you analyse each and every move that you’ve made just through the tap of a button.


This feature will provide you with an elaborate graph that has evaluation values that will describe the success of every move at a particular position of the game. Not only this, the feature will also suggest another strategic move instead for every wrong or weak move that you’ve made.

As you analyse your moves using this feature, you can also opt for a tabular format that includes a detailed move commentary like the Best Move, Blunder, Mistake, etc which will help you better identify your moves.

Keynotes of the Post Game Analysis:

Graph with evaluation values to show how successful the move was at a particular position on the game. This gives you a top level view of your game. You can then jump to the parts of the game from the graph where you played some bad moves

Tabular format for moves with move commentary like Best Move, Mistake, Blunder etc. for helping you gauge the quality of the move.

Move suggestions for every position. You can use this to hypothesize the idea behind the best move and why you should have played it

Auto play option to have a quick run through of your game with the analysis

Export to “Analyse This” for a more deeper analysis

Features of Analyse this

Multiple chess engines (for adding different dimensions to your analysis)

Depth control that allows the engine more time to analyse a position and suggest a move (to get more precise analysis)

Add variations (To make notes of alternate list of moves)

Add notes/comments for each moves (For future reference and sharing)

Share the analysis with someone

Isn’t this a very efficient and accurate way to have all your moves interpreted correctly and ace your chess prowess without having to enlist the help of some expensive package course.

So, try this feature right away and analyse your moves every time you play and improve your positional understanding and strategic vision.

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