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Magical AI chess set

Harry Potter is one the most iconic books ever written. You might be young or old, but the love of magic propelled by the book, and brought to life by the movie series has been etched into the hearts of every Harry Potter fanboy and girl.

As a die-hard fan of Harry Potter, you would do well to remember the wizard chess game in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”. The nerve-racking scene in which Ron sacrificed himself and Harry triumphed, endeared the characters to everyone and would have also piqued your curiosity towards this grand game.

Though wizard’s chess seems to have higher stakes than muggle chess, anyone can have the thrill of a Harry Potter themed chess experience without putting their lives on the line with a Harry Potter chess set.

A Harry Potter chess set is the perfect way to express your love of both the Harry Potter series and the game of chess by combining them into one enjoyable package.

The magic of Harry Potter is amply visible when you set your eyes on the chessboard of Square Off, which has been deemed as the Harry Potter Chess Set.

The Wizard Board of Chess

The famous chess scene from the movie was conceptualised and created by International Master Jeremy Silvan. He designed it in such a way that it would be remembered as a very important moment in the series.

Surely the audience thoroughly enjoyed the victory Harry was able to achieve over the Queen who wanted to destroy him and his friends.

If you are looking for the thrill and want to see the magic of a Harry Potter chess set, look no further than the amazing sets at Square Off.  You could experience and get to feel what Harry, Ron and Hermione got to feel while playing the game. You could be the wizard in your own magical game of chess.

The chess pieces are self-moving ones with automated movements, now that is impressive and enchanting. It is as if a spell makes the pieces on the board move like that.

So much so that at CES 2019, looking at the way the pieces followed every move of the player automatically on the Grand Kingdom Set, it was deemed to be having the magical prowess as shown in Harry Potter.

Hogwarts is not Far Anymore

Harry Potter Day is celebrated on May 2nd every year, but do you know why? It is the day the final battle of the second wizarding war took place at Hogwarts. The one which ended with victory for Harry and his friends.

When you lay your hands on the intricately crafted Grand Kingdom set, or the tournament sized Square Off Pro, you get ready to fight your own small battles in a magical arena.

Square Off connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and you can play with anyone who has the Square Off app anywhere in the world and also with someone else who has their own Square Off board. This ensures global connectivity and you need not have face time to indulge in your own magical game of chess.

You do not become a wizard without any coaching, is it? With the boards from Square Off, you not only get to play a game, but it is also a board which helps you to analyse your game. It will guide your movements and give you subtle hints about your opponent’s move. This will help you make changes to your game when it matters the most.

If you have no partner to play against you, there is absolutely no reason to frown as you can match your wits against the board itself. Isn’t that cool?

Bring the Magic Home

You could be the biggest fan of the Harry Potter franchise or maybe you are not, but there is no denying the fact that everybody needs a piece of magic in their lives.

You would be captivated by the timeless beauty and delightfully crafted pieces of the Grand Kingdom set or amazed by the board on which champions play when you look at Square Off Pro. You could be a fan of playing multiple games on a single board like SWAP, or on the lookout for a board with a compact design like Neo, the magic is in all of them.

Built with the latest in immersive technology and artificial intelligence, they give the game of chess an aura, the likes of which only Harry Potter could do when he played to win that game of chess in the Sorcerer’s Stone.

It’s time to bring the magic home. Get yours now at Square Off and celebrate the magic in the air with Harry Potter and his fans worldwide.