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Vox populi is calling it the world’s smartest chessboard for making ripples in the robotic industry, but what it’s really doing is using technology to bring people closer. So what is its connection to Christmas? In the not so distant past, the year-end holiday season was a time of closeness, it’s a time when people gathered around the fireplace, roasting chestnuts, stringing popcorn and also playing some evergreen board games. For an 80’s kid this was a special season which delivered on the year’s festive expectations, and appeased the craving for coming together and making memories. The board relies on this fact that people really do would like to connect over the holidays in more than ordinary ways.

Behind the complexity of technology is the simple thought of coming together.

The brand’s Christmas film for example is inspired from true events where a father in his late 60’s is somehow not able to meet his son’s family for Christmas (probably due to extreme weather conditions) but that does not stop the son from connecting with the father to whom he gifts a Square Off board.
In the midst of the pressures of entertaining his guests the son is able to play a game of chess from his phone (via the Square Off app) while the father plays on his Square Off board. The result is a magical reunion especially when the player on the app can move the pieces from elsewhere (through a tech help called telepresence) and this special connection lights up everyone’s Christmas.

Why Chess? The list is endless, but here are a few key advantages to get you curious…

  1. It’s one of the most beneficially engaging game in the world  
  2. Research shows that playing chess improves a child’s abilities in  math, reading, thinking and problem-solving.
  3. People over 75 who play brain games like chess can prevent dementia
  4. Develops creativity and activates both sides of the brain
  5. Inculcates a sense of calmness and reduces anxiety

So if you want to make a special connection this Christmas and come together with friends & family like never before, try Square Off.

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