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It truly is the world’s smartest chess board, making Square Off is perfect for people of all ages. The best part about Square Off is that you can be anywhere in the world and play with anyone you choose. How does that work? Some say magic, others say technology. Square Off is unique in what it can do and you’ll need to get your hands on the board to fully experience what we have to offer.

So, this holiday season, add it to wishlists! Come together with your loved ones, no matter how far.

Here’s how Square Off makes for a unique gifting experience

Connect with your friends and family, no matter where they are

Challenge friends halfway across the country, play with someone in the next room. And you can watch every move they make come alive on your board. That’s right, the pieces move on the board, even without your opponent sitting across from you. It’s almost as if they really are there! Like we said, magic.

Make it a family game

Forget all those other board games that have been a staple for years – chess can become the new holiday game. And it’s even better if you’re all spending holidays away from each other, because you get to still connect and play like you would if you were in the living room together.

Challenge grandpa, after all, he taught you the game

Do you remember sitting in front of a chess board as a kid with your grandpa as he showed you the best moves to make? Now you can show him that you’re well on your way to being a grandmaster. Gift him the board and play with him from wherever you are, show him that you’re still passionate about the game. And it’s all because of him.

Introduce your kids to magical chess

Just like in Harry Potter! While those pieces are larger than life, these still move on their own. If you’ve been waiting to teach your kids how to play chess, this is the best way to start. The wizardry is in their touch! Get them excited about a game you’ve always loved and show them a thing or two on how to outsmart their opponent.

A classic game for someone new

Chess has been around forever, so introduce that someone special in your life to your favourite game. The board has that classic look, but it’s an updated version with magical pieces to make it even more fun.

So gift your loved ones this magical experience and start connecting over a fun game of chess, from wherever you are!