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At a time when everything around seems to be falling apart, we as humans have learnt a thing or two about existence. About looking after our loved ones, concerning ourselves with the well-being of those around us. These times have given us an opportunity to make up for all those moments which recorded our absence for all possible reasons, and carve some memorable ones again. 

And whilst we are within the confines of our homes, it should not deter us from working a way around connecting with our loved ones, near or far. 

Let us help you with some!

Recultivate Connections

Perhaps a sad reality, so consumed are we in our everyday activities that we tend to forget that as we are coping with everyday challenges, our parents are dealing with old age.

Leverage those shared memories now, the shared laughters, the games you played together. Recreate those moments in the present, even from afar- it would feel like living together again!

Anywhere you want, the board’s shipping is on us 

Have a Virtual Game Night

Engage in some fun activities with your loved ones. Not only will it help you take your mind off and relax, you can also use it as a quick break as you work through your deadlines from home!

With our ‘video call as you play’ feature, chess nights will be all the more enjoyable

Spend Some Moments With Yourself

Let’s admit this, we have always wished to have some time off by ourselves, to reflect on our goals, our aspirations, what we would want out of life or just to sit back and relax. Take up a hobby, work on a new skill. An absolute ME time.

You have an ample time alone now even as you manage your work and other things at home.  Play against the board itself. With automated movements and AI, it will play against you!

Challenge Yourself

Reconnect With Old Friends and Colleagues

Well, we all have at some point in time or another cancelled plans with friends, skipped those calls or not responded to those texts. Now would be an ideal time to re-establish that bond with your long lost friends and your colleagues and relive those fond memories. 

With Square Off’s global connectivity, you can instantly invite your friends for a game of chess, from any part of the world

Enlist Some Fun Activities for Kids

With the kids home, there are only so many things one can think of to keep them busy. Encourage them to read more, think more, put on their creative hat!

Sit along with them as they engross themselves in some brain activities- this would be a great opportunity to have them find a great friend in you! And bonus, a great way to relive your childhood!

The perfect friend for your kid

Being connected with family and friends is good for one’s mental being. It enriches the soul and is instrumental in sustaining relationships. 

Having the warmth of relations around is nothing less than a privilege that gives us the strength to pull through any crisis. Our support network. 
We call it our Homebase.