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regulation chess board size

One of the great things about chess is that it takes up very little space to play. To an amateur, it might not make much of a difference but for the seasoned player, the size of the chess board does matter.

What Would be a Regulation Chess Board Size?

chess board size

The world chess federation (FIDE) recommends the chess board squares be between two to two and a half inches. The entire chess board therein will fall in the range of sixteen to twenty-one inches.

A typical regulation chess board size measures twenty-one inches long and twenty-one inches wide. The thickness would be three fourth of an inch. The ideal size of the individual squares on the chess board would measure two inches each in length and breadth.

While the above-sized boards are the most popular choice for many players, the nineteen-inch chess board is also an appropriate alternative for those looking for a smaller chess board.  

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