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chess openings

Chess is a game of strategy. You would need to have patience and keen observation skills too. The opening moves go a long way in deciding the course of the game.

An aggressive opening move would be a crushing blow for your opponent who thereafter might be left scrambling to defend themselves.

 Aggressive openings work especially great if you catch your opponent unprepared and they do not know how to react to your opening moves correctly.

Let’s have a look at some aggressive openings in the noble game of chess:

The Smith-Morra Gambit

This particular defence often leads to a very intriguing and captivating game. This strategy is an aggressive and sharp line against black’s Sicilian Defence. If you play white and make an e4 move for any length of time, then you are bound to encounter the Sicilian Defence many times.

This is best for players who prefer to play aggressively. The aim of White is to not just take out black from the regular Sicilian lines, but also to use its development advantage to overwhelm the black king.

Eventually, white aims to place its rooks on the semi-open d file and the open c file. Thereafter, white would have various potential attacking lines at its disposal. Black would need to tread carefully. Various Sicilian defenders use the Smith-Morra Gambit as their move.

The Bird’s Opening

This strategy has been ranked as one of the most popular openings. It is an outright aggressive play. White starts by weakening its kingside and initiates a flack attack with its pawn at f on the centre. 

Not many who play at the top level use this as an opening move, but a few great games have made this a part of their strategy.

A white player generally focuses on the light coloured squares, however, in this move the focus is on the dark squares. In this particular opening, the dark-squared bishop is given prominence over the light one as the main minor piece.

Vienna Opening

This is considered a particularly good opening in chess. The game follows the majority of the central opening principles and opens up significant chances for both aggressive and non-aggressive players.

Every response by black paves the way for white to select how to move the game forward. White has the option of leading a silent game by simply developing minor pieces towards the middle, opting to stay ahead in space and time.

This particular opening is not very difficult to learn and would offer you a plethora of options to outwit your opponent.

The Italian Game

This is one of the oldest recorded game openings in the history of chess.  These moves were believed to have been developed by chess players, such as Polerio and Damiano around the 16th century. It was further improved upon by Greco around 1962, who gave this strategy its main theme.

This is not an opening most grandmasters prefer as it could lead to a draw if the game is not played well.

Referred to sometimes as Giuoco Piano, this term particularly refers to the play once a player moves the bishop to C5

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There are plenty of moves which could be used aggressively as an opening attack in the game of chess. You would need to try out various combinations and not stick to one for optimum results.

Although aggressive openings may be underrated by some elite players, you should master a few of them well, and they may help you win many of your games.

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