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A li’l bit of more patience, that’s all we need

By November 25, 2022No Comments

Square Off has given the world the first ever smart automated chess boards. An idea conceived as a college project by our company’s co-founders beautifully shaped into five phenomenal products over the last five years, products that garnered overwhelming responses on crowdfunding platforms and successfully brought people together even in isolation amidst the pandemic, every step in this journey has been momentous.

Our first successful Kickstarter campaign happened in 2019 for the Neo and SWAP boards, hitting an impressive $1mn + in funding, making us the most crowdfunded Indian startup.
As we began to get our bearings for these boards’ production, the world got hit by the pandemic, bringing everything around to a screeching halt, including the global manufacturing sector. 

The pandemic also made it impossible for our R&D team to travel to China where our manufacturing unit is based. After a prolonged ambiguity on the resumption of international travel, we had to eventually shift our entire manufacturing unit to India. Setting up everything here from scratch further slowed the whole process, something that wasn’t in our hands at all.

Albeit delayed, the complete manufacturing of Neo and SWAP is being processed in batches and some batches have been shipped already. Even as we speak, the ocean freight has witnessed a significant rush and has further added to the wait time before we manage to get a slot.

You have been with us since the onset of our journey and it’s your support that has kept us going. We just need a little more of your patience and faith while we put our best team to have your board delivered to you at the earliest.