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Win a chess game

Winning a game in chess in the lowest number of moves possible is what everybody strives to achieve. There are various ways anybody can accomplish that during the game. 

According to some sources, the number of possible checkmate positions are somewhere around 10^43, although it is quite possible that this number is actually much higher.

The four move checkmate, also known as Scholar’s mate, is a great way to finish and win a game in a short time. This is a strategy used mostly by beginners but could come in handy at any level.

Is a Four Move Win Practical?

Yes, it is considering the fact that there is also a two move checkmate known as fool’s mate. Players that are relatively new to the game often use the Scholar’s mate, against an inexperienced opponent.

This could prove detrimental to learning the game as the player might use this tactic repeatedly with some initial success, but not as much as the skill level increases.

Whether you want to practise winning a game in four moves, or keen to get a deeper understanding of the game, the e-chessboards from Square Off would be the perfect partner for your journey in chess.