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Chess king

Amongst the many moves in the game of chess, one of the most anticipated and watched is that of the king. After all, he’s the one everybody is after.

Although not the most powerful piece on the chess board, the king is the most important. If he is put in checkmate, the game ends.

How Does the King Move

The king is the most important piece, albeit also the weakest link too. He can move only one square at a time in any given direction, including diagonally. He has another ace up his sleeve, this move is known as castling done in tandem with one of his rooks.

The king is the tallest chess piece on the board and is easily recognizable. He can never move into a position which makes it dangerous for him to be checkmated. The king should always have adequate protection from his other supporting pieces. The king with his limited movements relies on his army for it.

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