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This Valentine's Day', gift a new kind of love

By Alex - Feb 05, 2019

Change the way you love this Valentine’s Day. Don’t just buy a gift for the sake of following tradition, get them a gift that will provide everything.

And, we’ve got 5 reasons why the Square Off chessboard makes a great gift.

1. For the tech savvy: Gadgets are the best kind of gift, no matter your age. With an AI for a brain, the ability to connect it to your phone and enginereed by robotic's, the Square Off board is everything the gadget lover in your life wants.

2. For the perfect surprise: The most memorable gifts are the ones that surprise you at first sight. With pieces that move on their own like magic, you would have their attention at the very first move.

3. For chess lovers: Square Off is the most evolved and connected chess experience ever. Challenge players around the world online, practice andsharpen your game with 20 difficulty levels of AI to play against, analyze your game at a click, follow or relive some of the world’s most epic chess duels.

4. For you to treat yourself: You don’t always need someone on the other side of the board, not when it has a mind of its own. With 20 difficulty levels of built in AI, indulge in some opponent-less gameplay. 

5. For love you’ve never felt before: Love is everywhere at this time of year and your love for something new and unique is what counts. Love for games, surprises and above all, love for self. Enhancing a child's mental dexterity to being a companion for a grandpa on an idle tuesday. From 6 years to 60. One product gifts all! 

Gift the board to someone this Valentine’s Day and it’ll make it totally worth their while.

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This Valentine's Day', gift a new kind of love

By Alex - Feb 05, 2019

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