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We are a part of an ever growing digital generation and every aspect of our day to day activities in a way relies on the wonders of this technology. Social media which is an integral part of the digital era plays an important role not only in our personal lives but is also instrumental in shaping the brands and the way enterprises function.

Promoting your business on social media lets you reach your target audience instantly. It is way more effective than the traditional approaches of marketing. However, now that every business has begun to turn to social media marketing, the competition in this field too has become rather fierce.

So to have your brand stand out, it is only imperative that you leverage the best online marketing trends and techniques and adopt a unique approach to promote your product on social media.

Posts that entice user engagement are a natural hit and tend to work way better for your brand. So here are some basic but essential tips you should keep in mind as you put up that post on your brand’s social handles the next time :

Host contests

Fun, simple contests are a great way to drive engagement and user attention and you can easily promote your products without actually advertising them. Make sure the giveaways are worthwhile!

Promo Codes

Another great way to market your product. Make your followers feel special by giving them an exclusive chance to save money on their purchase. This enhances user engagement and is a great way to promote your product as well!

Add Product Links to Insta Stories

This is a great way to put your brand in front of the audience. These story links make it more convenient to view your products and shop as opposed to finding them in the feed.
You could also redirect them to your product page seamless through the stories.

Have more visual content

Visuals are always perceived better than just plain text. So if you have to put out some communication, make sure there is a background image supporting it. Make sure not to include large text on one single image, you could break them into small texts instead and have them run as slides in one post.

Conduct Audience Polls

This is a great way to market your product on social media and you can quickly engage the audience. What more, you get to know their preferences and can accordingly further build your promotion strategies.

Publish Product Videos

Another very effective way to facilitate sales is to have products with a very strong design and logo. They naturally come across as more enticing to buy. So short product videos are a good way to do this.

User Generated Content

Sharing content gives a fresh perspective on your brand and products and lays a stronger foundation with your potential customers. Usually, customers trust content from an average person more than they would from a brand. According to statistics, around 70% of people trust a real person and almost 100% of customers trust other customer recommendations.

Sharing user-generated content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram would build trust better and show that your followers aren’t the only ones who think your product is great.

A strategic plan to promote your product on the social platforms and networks will make your brand noticeable and help well in its popularity.

The above blog has been collaborated on by Priyal Domadia from our Marketing Team. For more such articles, stay tuned to Square Off’s Blog space.

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