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The key to increase sales and customer loyalty is by improving your customer’s experience. Customers are smarter today than they were five years ago and they expect you to be adept at your communications with them.

Chatbots are self-help tools for improving communications. Brands can use it to improve their customer’s experience, to generate more sales and build a deeper rapport with customers.

Though several big companies are already adopting chatbots in their business strategies, many are still confused due to lack of awareness. 

How chatbots can help you improve your customer service:

Chatbots Provide a Quick Response to Users
It’s frustrating when brands tell you that it’d take several business days to resolve a simple issue. And most times you don’t even get the automated “no-reply” email.

Customers want immediate response to their query. They want to be able to handle challenges on their own until they’re no longer able to do it. Only then will they require assistance from a live chat agent.

Chatbots Create Engagement

Chatbots are the future of brand engagement. Engaged customers are more likely to proceed to the bottom of your sales funnel faster. For example, on the messenger app, a chatbot can initiate a conversation to promote an offer or update your customers about your latest product.

In the conversation, you could inform the customers about a product, coupon codes or just about anything concerning the product thereby stimulating them to click through to your checkout page.

Chatbots Can Help You Save Cost on Customer Service

Did you know that a single chatbot can perform the task of several customer service agents? Chatbots are cost-effective customer service solutions for brands in any capacity with a high or low budget. While they can’t completely overhaul customer service agents, it can significantly save you the cost of employing multiple customer service representatives.

Chatbots Allow Brands to Offer 24/7 Customer Service Support

Customers like to get the information they need instantly. But a customer representative will most likely not be present all the time. That’s where chatbots come in handy. A chatbot is always there and very active at every time of the day ready to be engaged.

Chatbots Reduce Human Error

One of the reasons we use chatbots is because we want to have time for other things while we allow something else to do our work for us. Can we trust chatbots with this task? Of course, we can. Sometimes we may forget, but chatbots don’t forget.

Chatbots are designed to have access to enormous information that can help them answer the customer’s questions accurately.

Better lead generation and nurturing

Chatbots can boost your business revenue in two main ways:

  • Better lead qualification – Chatbots follow the preset questionnaire to convert your website visitors into potential prospects. Once they qualify, they are directed to the sales team for nurturing.
  • Better lead nurturing – The qualified leads are nurtured thereafter based on their customer journey. In the e-commerce business, chatbot engages the customers by giving personalized recommendations, combo offers or discount coupons to improve sales conversions.


Businesses that offer support with live agents might not know when they need to add more agents. Also hiring more agents means infrastructure costs, training costs and loss of time. In such a scenario, chatbots can be the best way to handle conversations.

Unlike live support agents who can handle 2 to 3 conversations, chatbots can simultaneously manage thousands of conversations. No matter what time it is or how many customers are reaching you, every chat will be answered immediately.

Tips to build a successful chatbot

·        Always give your customers an alternative means of communication: Chatbots can be annoying if they aren’t intelligent. So ensure you feed your chatbot with a lot of information & provide an option to call or chat with a human if need be. Customers will be happy to speak with a representative when the chatbot is not answering their questions as expected.

·        Avatars Add Emotions: Using avatars can add a human touch to your chatbot. Create a fictional character of a real person and use it as the chatbot avatar.

·        Provide Options for Efficiency: Chatbots might not be fully efficient when in their early development stage. It’s wise to create options for efficiency by adding possible answers to a particular question that the bot doesn’t fully understand.

Chatbots’ disadvantages: 

It is very important that your chatbot is well optimized so that it does not end up being a disaster. Wherein chatbots benefit your business in many ways, they have minor disadvantages-

  • Not conversational – Bots cannot match human intelligence. They need to learn from the responses so that they can use it in future conversations.
  • Need development – If your business has some complex requirements it is difficult to build chatbots using the visual bot builder. You have to develop a custom bot that can meet your business needs.
  • Inability to understand – Chatbots function as they are built. They have limited intelligence. You need to feed bots with adequate information to function accordingly.


Implementing chatbots is a smart choice for organizations that want to increase their customer base and boost engagement. With the conversational nature of AI voice bots, brands can build a human touch to the conversation with their users, enhancing their business value significantly. 

The above blog has been collaborated on by Alex Dsouza from our Support Team. For more such articles, stay tuned to Square Off’s Blog space.

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